The Reluctant Blogger

For about nine months now, I’ve been consumed with the idea of starting a blog.  I’m not sure exactly when or how the idea took root, but the timing does roughly coincide with the completion of my doctorate – a painfully long process that threatened more than once to suck the life right out of me.  (For some humorously accurate information about what it is like to be a graduate student, check out  So, maybe blogging seemed like opportunity for catharsis.  Or maybe I’d been away from my creative writing too long, and was just feeling the pent-up need to write anything decidedly not academic in nature.  For whatever reason, the idea of blogging sounded great except for one teeny-tiny problem: I had no idea what to blog about.

The question of a topic or theme nagged at me constantly.  I was convinced I could not start a blog without having one, and the fact that I could not think of something specific began to erode my self-confidence.  Maybe I shouldn’t blog at all, I thought.  Maybe I don’t have anything important or interesting enough to say.  Maybe no one will read my blog, anyway.

Even as I was unable to think of a theme for a blog, I was constantly thinking of content for individual posts.  I would try a new craft or recipe and want to blog about the results; I would read a book and want to blog about how it impacted me; I would have an interesting conversation with a colleague or student and want to philosophize further on the topic.  Finally, I realized what all of these topics had in common – they were all about me just trying to learn and grow and be the best I can be.  So, at the risk of sounding supremely egotistical, this blog is about me – more to the point, about my journey (and love) of lifelong learning and about my quest to enjoy a simple life in this crazy, hectic world.

Full disclaimer: I ain’t perfect, y’all.  (Though I am from the south, which clearly gives me a leg up).  I screw up on a regular basis.  I tend to be prideful.  I dream big, but don’t always follow through.  I am a Christian, and my daily prayer is for God to help me “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly” with Him.  I pray this because I am painfully aware of the fact that I can’t do those things on my own.  But when I allow Him to filter and prioritize my thoughts, words, and actions, life usually turns out pretty good.  So, if you’re interested in following the journey of a real person – warts and all – then this might be the blog for you.  If you want to learn with me as I try to grow and become all that I can be in whatever time I’ve been given – well, then, you are officially being invited along for the ride.

About jennhwebster

Jennifer is a 30-something wife, mom of two girls, PhD in Criminal Justice, published novelist, and crafter who is probably too busy to be writing a blog, but who can't stop is just too much fun!
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